Photo: Timo Knorr
Photo: Timo Knorr


Bea A. Brücker, born 11 March 1993 in Hamburg, Germany.

Bea graduated from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor of Arts diploma in fashion design in 2018. Since 2019 she is currently studying for a master's degree at Royal College of Art in London.


The focus of her work so far has been on translating current social themes, technology and science into designs by using critical design practices. Therefore she works with vegan kombucha leather, smart textiles and 3D- printed biodegradable materials.

Since 2017 all her collections are made with recycled, sustainable and fair trade fabrics. In fall 2016 she spent an exchange semester at the California State University Long Beach, California.


Since 2018 she takes part in a two-year sustainability programme created by the Youth Fashion Summit and the United Nations Global Compact.



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Bea Alicia Brücker