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CHALLENGES OF CAPITALISM- Biodesign as new approacH

I gave a masterclass for Haus von Eden (InnovatED). I talk about the connection of capitalism and neoliberalism with the climate crisis and social injustice. In this one hour class, I give an introduction to biomaterials, to post- capitalist design and art practices and design activism. We will first talk about the general challenges of design in the face of climate and social crisis and how we can use biodesign to create post-capitalist and climate-positive alternatives and make the future of fashion circular and fair. We will also talk about the importance of collaboration, how we as designers can strengthen communities and how fashion could possibly even help restore polluted ecosystems. As designers we have a responsibility to challenge the status quo rather than manifest it. Biodesign has a great potential to shape the future. Watch the whole Masterclass on 

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