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We need a new, liberating, environmental-friendly design practice. NOW.

What might a future look like where we live in partnership with nature instead of exploiting it? How can new technologies and Biodesign help us turn away from capitalism and pave the way for new ways of making, working and living together in social communities?


Bea Brückers work brings together the natural with the digital world. Her work combines working with living organisms, computing and 3d printing, in which she sees the potential for a change in the fashion industry, a BioRevolution towards an environmentally friendly and ethical system. Using mathematically generated patterns and self-developed bio leather, a new design practice is being built. Through her work, she examines how Bio Fashion can be used as a political intervention by questioning current power structures and social and technological developments. Designing with living organisms changes not only the aesthetics of her designs but the entire working process: The sewing machine is complemented by the petri dish. 

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