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A future of chaos


What if the apocalypse happens tomorrow and almost all resources are exhausted? The fourth industrial revolution has caused irreparable damage to both humanity and the environment.  Will we find protection in our clothes or will they deprive us of our freedom? What could opportunities for self-sufficiency look like?


This project  investigates conspiracy theories and develops possible solutions for a hypothetical future in which resource shortages and the impact of new technologies pose an increasing threat to the last humans on earth. The fusion of technologies is blurring the lines between our digital, physical and biological spheres. In this scenario, the sustainable use of resources and preparation for disasters are essential to survival. People have to become preppers and be able to produce their own clothes, thus all materials are made with self grown bacterial leather or with upcycled material. The outfits offer an approach to surviving in this dystopia; moss-covered trench coats act as natural air purifiers for air pollution and chemtrails, self-grown leather save precious resources and interactive coats contract to provide protection though anonymity. 


Photos: Timo Knorr

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